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MSD Series Manual Maintenance Switch

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Product details of MSD series manual maintenance switch

Product background:
This document mainly contains the relevant data of our MSD manual maintenance switch. The rated voltage of the MSD is 1000VDC., Rated current is 300A (without fuse), it has HVIL function, while meeting the car's demanding waterproof requirements; MSD can choose a variety of fuses verified by our experiments, the products are mainly used in PDU, battery box and other scenarios.
Safety Precautions:
  • This product is used in high voltage and high current environment
  • Please install, use and maintain the product correctly; incorrect use of the product may cause serious injury and loss
  • If the product is abnormal, such as being modified or damaged, please do not continue to use it to avoid accidents.
  • Do not insert or remove the connector when the product is powered on.
  • Do not overload for a long time to avoid potential safety hazards


Basic parameters:

Rated current(DC)   300A (不带熔断器)
Rated voltage(DC)  1000V DC(Without fuse)
750V DC(With fuse)
Temperature class  -40°C to +140°C (Including temperature rise)
Service life (times)  100 Min.(No load)
Safety protection level  IP68/IP6K9K
High-voltage interlock(HVIL)     Have



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