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LVP800 series plastic two-core high-voltage connector

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LVP800 series plastic two-core high-voltage connector

Product background:
This document mainly contains relevant data of our LVP800 plastic two-core connector,LVP800 is designed with a rated voltage of 1000VDC and a rated current of 200A. It has shielding and HVIL functions, and at the same time meets the car's demanding waterproof requirements. PDU, controller and other scenarios.
Safety Precautions:
  • This product is used in high voltage and high current environment
  • Please install, use and maintain the product correctly; incorrect use of the product may cause serious injury and loss
  • If the product is abnormal, such as being modified or damaged, please do not continue to use it to avoid accidents.
  • Do not insert or remove the connection when the product is powered on.器
  • Do not overload for a long time to avoid potential safety hazards


Basic parameters:

Rated current(DC) 200A Max.  3
Rated voltage(DC)  1000V
Temperature class  -40°C to +140°C (Including temperature rise) 
Service life (times)  100 Min.
Safety protection level  IP68/IP6K9K/IPXXB/IPXXD 
shield 360°Full shield
High-voltage interlock(HVIL)  Have    
Key position A / B / N three key positions
Cable 50/35/25mm²

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