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Connector capacity

Production line:6 semi-automated operating platforms

Daily output:18,000 sets / day

Monthly output:About 500,000 sets / month

Annual output:About 6 million sets / year

According to the high voltage system of passenger car

(three electric system + auxiliary electrical equipment + charging system) the capacity of connector per month can meet the loading capacity of 50000 sets

Logistics vehicles by 4.5 tons a high-pressure system

(Three-electricity system + auxiliary appliances + charging system) The monthly connector production capacity can meet the installed capacity of 50,000 units

Press 12m bus high voltage system

(Three-electricity system + auxiliary appliances + charging system) The monthly capacity of the connector can meet the installed capacity of 12,000 units

Harness production

Production line:5 semi-automated operating platforms

Daily output:12,000 sets / day

Monthly output:About 300,000 sets / month

Annual output:About 3.6 million pieces / year

Can meet the passenger vehicle high-voltage wiring harness system installed capacity of 50,000 units / month.
Or meet the 50,000 units / month installed capacity of a 4.5-ton logistics vehicle high-voltage wiring harness system.
Or meet the 12-meter bus high-voltage wiring harness system 12,000 units / month installed capacity.

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